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What Your "Homework” Will Tell You About Granite…

Thinking of installing granite bathroom countertops in your Mississauga home? No doubt you've done your homework. First, there's the emotional response we all have with granite: it conveys strength, beauty, and every piece is unique. Granite is your best choice to express your creativity in home design – whether it's in the bathroom or any of the other room..
Through your research, you will have also learned that granite is incredibly durable. The stone you install today, will stay in your house for as long as you live there; and the stone will enhance the resale value of the home when you decide to move. Because granite can come in slab or tile form, the flexibility of the latter increases the stone's versatility as a countertop.
As the sales person guides you through the stunning array of stone available, they will add the word ‘maintenance'. Anything beautiful requires upkeep – and granite is no exception. It is important to understand the kind of ongoing care that granite entails,  in order to keep it at its peak beauty and functionality.

Granite Countertops Require Sealing and Regular Cleaning

Granite is a very porous and must be sealed to protect it against staining. At the time of installation, the granite will have been sealed, but this process must be repeated at least once every five years. Because high-quality stone cleaners contain a small amount of sealant, each time you clean your countertop, you will give your countertop extra protection. Periodically, the stone should be resealed by professionals.
Granite also requires daily attention. Your countertop should be cleaned after use, and spills should be wiped up immediately. It can be damaged by citric acids, oils, and abrasives. Good old-fashioned dish or hand soap (not detergents) are suitable for the cleaning task. Use a clean, microfiber cloth and warm water to wash away residue. If staining has occurred, a plaster made of flour, baking soda, and dish soap should be enough to remove the mark.

Finding the Right Dealer

Countless stone dealers can be found. Big box retailers also sell granite, offering their own variety. But a granite countertop is not a minor investment. The kind of visual and functional rewards that granite confers on your home suggests that preparation must be done in advance, just as maintenance is required after installation.
Find a dealer for whom granite is a passion, who has a proven track record, and is happy to provide references. The dealer should specialize in stone, especially granite, sales and installation. A specialist will offer a good variety of granite, which comes in a myriad of colours and striations. Finally, choose the stone dealer who is prepared to share their knowledge with you. The success of the bathroom countertops in your Mississauga home should be as important to that dealer as it is to you.

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